Cuba will present its experience in the program on the care of diabetic people with emphasis in education about this illness from the level of primary health care during the 9th Endo-crinology Congress and the 3rd on Reproductive Health for Diabetic Women, which will be held here in Havana from November 8th to the 10th.

Dr. Silvia Turcios Trista, President of the Cuban Society of Endocrinology told ACN that the events will be held with 20 symposiums and 12 master conferences offered by specialists from Costa Rica, Mexico, Nicaragua and Brazil.

According to statistics, Cuba has over 700 thousand patients with diabetes and each year this number increases due to the aging population and risk factors like diets rich in fat, sugar and carbohydrates, coupled with a lack of physical exercise, said the expert.

Issues for discussion by the specialists at the event include childhood endocrinology illnesses, obesity and Metabolic Syndrome; Reproduction and endocrinology; Disorders in Sexual Development; Reproductive Risk Factors in Diabetes and Infertility in men and women with diabetes.

Dr. Manuel Gomez Alzugaray, Vice President of the organizing committee pointed to the country's results in the control of the preconception risk in women with diabetes towards a successful birth and the reduction of congenital malformations associated with the illness.