HAVANA, CUBA.- A national survey on population aging began in Cuba from November 1 and will run until December 15, Granma newspaper reported today.

The Master's Degree in Science Juan Carlos Alfonso, director of the Center for Population and Development Studies (CEPDE), highlighted the importance of knowing the situation of the elderly in the country.

As part of the study, people of both sexes of 50 years and older will be interviewed, permanent residents in little more than 20 thousand urban and rural homes of all the municipalities of the Cuban territory, selected at random.

The purpose of this research is to know how this process takes place in Cuba, which has one of the oldest populations worldwide.

The survey covers topics such as sociodemographic and socioeconomic conditions, health status, dependency and care, and family and social support networks.

The survey is carried out by CEPDE, belonging to the National Bureau of Statistics and Information, and the Research Center on Longevity, Aging and Health of the Ministry of Public Health.