HAVANA. - (ACN)To 812 rises up to the date the number of clients of the Company of Telecommunications of Cuba (ETECSA) that, from areas of five provinces in addition to Havana, have requested to gain access to Internet across the service Nauta Hogar.

Amarelys Rodríguez Sánchez, chief of the project directed by the entity, specified to ACN that from September 29, 232 users made the contract in Pinar del Rio, 225 in Holguín, 134 in Guantanamo, 79 in Granma and 142 in Las Tunas.

On this matter, she underlined that most of the contracts are of one or two megabytes per second (mb/s).

The specialist told that just as the rest of the provinces recover of the step of the hurricane Irma, they will begin to offer also the access to Internet from the domiciles located in the areas where the technical conditions allow it.

Rodríguez Sánchez emphasized that nevertheless the publication started to the topic, turns out to be pertinent to remember that the interested party must pay 10 pesos in currency freely convertible (cuc) for the fitting out of the service, 19 cuc for the buy of the modem, for the only time, and a monthly quota for the connection speed.

She added that the clients who should hire a speed of one mb/s, the first month he will receive it free of charge, and those who in this first period, wish to hire a higher bandwidth, there is deducted to them the value of the speed of this mb/s that ETECSA offers free.

From the second month, the user must pay the quota established for the speed that he wants to hire, warned Rodríguez Sánchez.

In addition, she clarified, the entity discounts monthly the account of mail associated with Nauta Hogar with 30 hours, not accumulative, that can be used also to gain access to Internet from the Wi-Fi areas or the rooms of navigation.

If the assigned bonus time becomes ran out, the person can recharge his account with the total wished by means of the coupons that the company commercializes, or from the exterior, she stood out.

Rodríguez Sánchez pointed out that from the configured link in the computer of the hearth also it is possible to gain access to the network using other Nauta accounts of relatives, friends or neighbors.

On the useful life of the service, she emphasized that if the user breaks once with the payment the link is disabled, and of relapse, it is suspended.

Those who request the service and have doubts about its use can go to the points of commercialization where they did the operation, gain access to a guide of rapid installation that contains the steps for the configuration of the network, or call to the telephone number 0 800 434 34 to receive an assistance in line, indicated the specialist.

She expressed that with the experience of the pilot test carried out in the popular councils Cathedral and Old Square, in Old Havana, the company modified the relation between the tariffs and the speed of connection and if earlier by 15 cuc was hired a band of 256 kilobytes for second (kb/s), today one megabyte (mb/s) can be obtained by the same price.

Translated by Linet Acuña Quilez