HAVANA (ACN) The main experiences of Cuba and other countries associated with the results of a research project on people with hearing disabilities will be discussed in Havana.

The First World Workshop on training, education and development of people with hearing disabilities will be held at the San Alejandro Hotel in the Havana municipality of Marianao to look for ways for international cooperation among Cuban and foreign institutions and organizations that favor the quality in the education for this sector of the population.

According to the organizing committee, the program includes issues related to initial and permanent training in education and human development, the preparation of the teach to attend the linguistic and cultural diversity in addition to the scientific results in the educational assistance to people
with hearing disabilities.

Other issues to be analyzed is linguistic research, social-linguistics and psycho-linguistics in sign language; its evolution and development, experiences in bilingual education of people with hearing disabilities and the training of instructors with hearing disabilities and interpreters in sign language.

The event is sponsored by the Enrique Jose Varona Pedagogical Sciences University, Children’s Education Department, the Concepcion pedagogical research project in education assistance for people with hearing disabilities and the National Association of Hearing Disabilities that gathers almost 24 thousand members.

History and culture will also be included in the agenda, inclusion of people with hearing disabilities in higher education, technologies, resources and education support, role of the family, and others.

Specialists from all areas dedicated to the comprehensive attention of those that have hearing limitations will participate in the event, with the objective of increasing their quality of life.