HAVANA (PL) Cuban Vice Foreign Minister Abelardo Moreno has voiced his country''s condemnation of the new US sanctions against Venezuela.

In a statement published on the Foreign Ministry website, Moreno expresses Cuba's strong condemnation of the Executive order signed Friday by US President Donald Trump, imposing new and harsher economic and financial sanctions against the South American country.

The document calls unfair, unilateral, arbitrary and illegal the actions by the White House that violate the International Law and harden the previous measures against the constitutional Government of President Nicolas Maduro.

The statement also underlines that those stipulations adds to the assertion that 'no military actions are anticipated in the near future' against Venezuela, something that does not rule out the possibility that they could be taken later.

Our Americas should not forget their own history. It is imperative to firmly defend the principles and the commitment included in the Proclamation of Latin American and the Caribbean as Peace Zone, signed by all the heads of State and Government of the region at the 2nd CELAC Summit in Havana in January, 2014, the statement concludes