Sierra de Cubitas, Camagüey.- The Citrus Agricultural Company Sola, with its areas in the fertile vale of this municipality, works in the promotion of new plantations of citrus, although with hurdles.

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Camagüey as the whole Cuba commemorates today the 120th anniversary of the death of José Martí

Camagüey.- The sun already was warming the square that pays homage to José Martí in the same center of the metropolis when several generations of Camagüeyans united this May 19th to commemorate the fall in combat in Dos Ríos, 120 years ago, of our National Hero.

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Camagüey.- Slightly over 80 nurses from Mexico and a high number of this territory exchange experiences from today until Thursday, 21st, for the fourth occasion, this time with interships that include the specialties in Gynecology, Internal Medicine, Cardiology, Primary Health Care, Gerontology and Mental Health.

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Camagüey.- Wraped up the sugar harvest in this province, the brigades dedicated to the sowing of cane become stronger with the incorporation of factory workers of the sector.

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Camagüey.- The team of athletics of the province of Havana, with 139,5 points, turned out to be victorious in the XXVth edition of the National Festival of Speed Rafael Fortún in Memoriam, which was carried out in this city with three competition days.

Camagüey.- This province hopes to complete in 2015 the totality of digital electrical counting meters in the residential sector and to the rhythm that march will not have mishaps to come to over 266 000 clients.

Camagüey.- This is the first province of the country in proposing every municipality to have its Childs Palace for the summer.

Camagüey.- They cannot see but they have a lot of talent, at least this way the members of the National Association for the Blind (ANCI) demonstrated in Camagüey during their Provincial Festival of Music.

Camagüey.- Although you may not believe it, the Award Ceremony of the Cuban Soccer lasted exactly 90 minutes. In this symbolic time the best players and teams of the centenary edition of the National Championship of Soccer were entertained by the principal authorities of this sport in the country.