Camagüey.- It is not necessary to say that the cultural diversity is what joins us these days in the Center of Conventions Santa Cecilia. There are no racist looks, nationalities or diverse origins.

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Camagüey.- With a view to the XXVIth Cuban Congress of Orthopaedics, to be carried out in Camagüey from September 21st until 26th of the current year, already there have confirmed attendance, specialists from over 20 countries, and similar number of marketing companies, among them little over ten North Americans also try to participate, as announced Rodrigo José Álvarez Cambras.

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Camagüey.- The soloist Maria Caridad Acosta Acosta, from Sibanicú; the sextet Revolución de Octubre, from Nuevitas and the group Ilusión, from Esmeralda, constitute the Camagüey proposal to the Festival of Music of the National Association of the Blind, which will take place in Granma next month.

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Minas, Camagüey.- It is the first time that Toscana Panzera, resident in Ticino, Switzerland, with approximately 300 000 inhabitants, visits Cuba.

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Camagüey.- Twenty-five years is not a time to take lightly. Next to the big existing centers of higher education in the country, the subsidiary of the Cuban University of the Arts in Camagüey might look like a child who scarcely kicks off to crawl. But, how much can be done in a quarter of century if we talk about culture?

Camagüey.- Three awards were enough so that the pedagogic school Nicolás Guillén in Camagüey was reaching the second national place in the newly concluded IInd Students' Meet of these centers, which took place between the May 13th and 14th, in the province of Sancti Spíritus.

Sierra de Cubitas, Camagüey.- The Citrus Agricultural Company Sola, with its areas in the fertile vale of this municipality, works in the promotion of new plantations of citrus, although with hurdles.

Camagüey as the whole Cuba commemorates today the 120th anniversary of the death of José Martí

Camagüey.- The sun already was warming the square that pays homage to José Martí in the same center of the metropolis when several generations of Camagüeyans united this May 19th to commemorate the fall in combat in Dos Ríos, 120 years ago, of our National Hero.

Camagüey.- Slightly over 80 nurses from Mexico and a high number of this territory exchange experiences from today until Thursday, 21st, for the fourth occasion, this time with interships that include the specialties in Gynecology, Internal Medicine, Cardiology, Primary Health Care, Gerontology and Mental Health.