CAMAGÜEY, CUBA.- Works march as planned after the repair of more than 13 kilometers of pipelines to reach the Purification Plant of the Amistad Cubano-Bulgara dam, the one with the largest volume of water destined to supply the population in the province of Camagüey.


Today, the city's water demand amounts to 1,800 liters per second, an unsatisfied request because the plant's current capacity allows it to process 1,200 liters, Luis Palacios, director of the investment program that supports this work, told ACN.


There are still four kilometers to run, he said, while talking about the need to provide the water treatment plant with new equipment at its pumping station, actions that should be ready by the end of this year.


At the moment, the reservoirs of the province only reach a fifth of their total volume with little more than 245 million cubic meters of water and the most affected sectors are agriculture, cattle raising and fishing.


The reservoirs supplying the population are at 36 percent of their total capacity, and the rains are still below the historical average. (acn)