You stole us kisses, pieces of our soul, pranks, and crazy details. You fill our hearts with unforgettable memories. We look at you in streets and avenues, halls and classroom, work centers, literary clubs…

Sometimes your charm paralyze us, and the bus driver tell us “come on, come on, continue walking”, and we can´t because we are entranced, trapped by your beauty.

You are teachers, engineers, doctors, peasants…, all of you with that rare charm can make us tremble with a smile, a wink, a gesture… That´s why we search you on the chat, we send you electronic messages, we phone you, we give you our seat in the bus…

Who has not been near to crash into a tree or a post, because one woman in jeans, skirt, short or pants…, drew all your attention? Who has not improvise verses and flirtatious remarks, like you were a poet as Neruda?

I do not forget my mothers-in-law, who are not as bad as we thought. Some of them love us like sons, some trust us, and hug us. Our grandmas, full of love, complement our mother´s affection. What about female friends?

We approach some of them trying to conquer them, and they become our advisers, guardians of secrets. It is said that friendship between women and men is impossible. Terrible mistake!

These days close to March 8, I remember important women of my life, and others that I barely know. I go out to the street and say “congratulations” to dozens of flowers that perfume our existence. I think in thousands of women who just with a look, a “good morning” or a smile, in clinics, home, bus stops, countries, cheer up hearts, like medicinal fountains.

I admire even more their sensibility and charm. I feel lucky of being in a land full of special women.

To you, women, I wish you all the wellbeing of the world. To you, who get up early in the morning to prepare breakfast or who sleep late, who go out to work or who stay at home, who walk in the sidewalks of this country, with your lovely smile, with grace and beauty, I wish you Happy Women´s Day.

Translated by Linet Acuña Quilez

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