Fourth year student Leslie O´Connor said Fidel´s thoughts on teaching set the guidelines to improve the quality of their work for his contribution to this sphere both within Cuban context and abroad.

O´Connor, from easternmost Cuban province of Guantanamo, delivered a paper at the workshop Fidel, teacher of teachers, where some 20 students and alumni of pedagogical students participated.

According to Anabel Salellas, a graduated teacher from the Nicolas Guillen School in this city, the humanistic conception of the Revolution that education is a right of the people, has marked all developments in this sectors for decades.

Fidel keeps close attention to education in Cuba till this day, as his recent visit to the Vilma Espin school complex showed some weeks ago, where he spoke with students and teachers alike, Anabel said.

Cuba is a beacon of education throughout the world, and its contribution to fight illiteracy anywhere includes the work of teachers in many other nations, and the Yes, I can method that has been used to teach how to read and write to millions, another participant, Yilian Avila, from Mayabeque province, pointed out.

 This Wednesday, as part of the event, a Spelling contest was held with the first places going to Bárbara Rodríguez, from Havana; Betsabé Cid, from Las Tunas and Alan García, from Santiago de Cuba; respectively.

Abel González Alayón, Chief-Editor LanguageDepartment, Cuban News Agency

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