To commemorate the anniversary 63 of the assault to the Guillermón Moncada and Carlos Manuel de Céspedes barracks next July 26, inhabitants of this territory are involved  in the repair of seven medical offices, schools, a nursing home, sports facilities and several of commerce and gastronomy units.

The works include the rehabilitation of the mixed center Rafael Guerra Vives, institution in which students of the Pre-university and Professional- Technician education converge.

Also, the Electrical Basic Organization works at the arrangement of the principal arteries of the locality through the so called Plan Image of the Central Highway, according to the digital version of Adelante newspaper.

Nevertheless, the major commitment of this municipality to commemorate the celebrations in next July is the fulfillment of the program of the current sugar harvest, vital economic activity in the territory, and of the plans for food production.

Carlos Manuel de Céspedes locality, founded in the first years of last century and with a population near to 25 thousand inhabitants, assumes the central activities for July 26 in Camagüey as an impulse source to its socioeconomic development.

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