According to the engineer Rolando González, director of investments of the Electrical Company here, wraped up this process of compression of the area, comes the second moment: to open the hollows for the concrete columns where 480 tables with 4 800 solar panels will be placed.

The work, calculated in a value of 2.8 million pesos, is executed in this first stage by strengths of the Construction firm of Industrial Works and of Architecture number 8, and it comprises the execution of a small bridge that will serve as access to the road, conceived perpendicularly with the enclave, added the source.

In another moment, the electrical engineer Rubisel Diéguez, head of the group of the Company Developer of Investments of Renewable Sources of Energy, assigned to the Electrical National Union, said that the program bears the technical preparation and projects, to accelerate the works and try to have the civil work ready in December.

Diéguez mentioned that the studies for the place of at least four more photovoltaic parks in different points of the province have kicked off.

The first of these facilities, located in Guáimaro, synchronized the SEN in December, 2013, with the noble intention of increasing the capacity of electrical generation, the diversification of the energy sources, of reducing the consumptions of fossil fuel and of attenuating the air pollution.

Translated by BA in English Language, Manuel Barrera Téllez

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