As part of the activities developed to greet the World Day of the Rural woman, that on the initiative of the UNO is celebrated every October 15th, preamble to the World Day of the Feeding, the social recognition to the females, this day, arose in the IVth World Conference on the Woman realized by United Nations in Beijing, in September, 1995, and of other organizations like the International Federation of Producing Farmers, the Network of Associations of African Rural Women and the Foundation of the World Summit of Women, who reached a space for the recognition to the different rolls that the women redeem in the economic, social and political life.

Outstanding has been the work of the woman in these 55 years of founded the Federation of Cuban Women to group most of the peasants, first in the feminine column Ana Betancourt de Mora, standard-bearers in the agricultural work like the urban and suburban agriculture, the arrangements of the sugar harvest, as well as in the grounds acquisition by means of the Resolution 259.

Iris Benítez, member of the Provincial Secretariat, told that the rural woman has played a fundamental role in every respect, as producer, animals breeder … and in the feeding of her family; she guarantees the meal of the man who is working the ground, in addition to contributing in determinant tasks in the productive process like the harvest, the fertilization, the preparation and conservation of the ground.

The agriculture and fishing sector is a source of employment for the females, who can grow in confidence, among other works, in organic gardens, vivariums, producers of ornamental plants, engineers or cattle sheds, machinists...

In this occasion, Mayabeque province resulted the winner of the national central event, for the outcomes reached during the year.

Translated by BA in English Language, Manuel Barrera Téllez

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