Miguel Catalá, Comptroller Head in the province, in press conference carried out in the head office of the Association of Economists and Accountants in this city, offered details of this exercise, programmed from November 2nd until December 11th and directed to value the fulfillment of the process of decentralization of the companies, the impact in the country of the population aging and the march of the granting of subsidies to natural persons for the building materials acquisition.

In the first case audits will not be applied but actions of examination to value how 12 companies of the entire universe of the province, assume the faculties of decentralization, the outcomes and, simultaneously, to correct errors, with the value-added of helping the administrations to clarify doubts.

Catalá anticipated that only a few hours ago he wraped up the seminars process to the auditors, which will be accompanied by an autotraining process.

The vicecomptroller, Leticia Carmona, in the press conference, specified that there will be valued essential aspects of the fulfillment of the managing numbers and of the plan of the economy 2015, in a particular way the state order and clarified that the levels of income of the secondary lines cannot be bigger than those of the principal activity.

The second aspect acquires character of audits and of special cross-check. It bears in mind the creation of conditions of the homes for the elderly, the functioning of the Systems of Attention to the Family, and the relation of the structures of Work and Social security consistent with the population aging.

For the third topic was chosen Guáimaro, action that will involve an audit to the Council of the Municipal Administration, a special cross-check to the point of sale of building materials of this town and the corresponding assertions in the company of commerce.

Catalá underlined the role eminently preventively of the cross-check that will comprise, with obligatory character, among other matters, that of the hiring, the state of the account receivables and the payment to natural persons in the new stage of the relations with the workpeople for proper account.

There will take part 129 auditors, 20 heads of group, 9 supervisors and 20 students, of them 17 of the majors of accounting and finance and the remaining ones of the specialty of laws, who will radiate their work in the entities chosen among the municipalities of Camagüey, Esmeralda, Guáimaro, Vertientes, Florida and Nuevitas.

Experts of the Territorial Office of Standardization, of Examination of the Work and health inspectors will support the work.

Translated by BA in English Language, Manuel Barrera Téllez

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