Evidia Recio Recio, of 48 years of age and neighbor of the community of Flor de Mayo, died in spite of the medical efforts to save her life, but the injuries were of extreme gravity, especially those received in the head.

She, along with over 20 injured persons in the fact, were attended in the clinical-surgical hospital Manuel Ascunce Domenech, where still 12 patients remain, in gravity condition, and two minors in the pediatric hospital Eduardo Agramonte Piña, without danger for their lives.

The accident happened last Saturday morning in the stretch known as La Virginia, to approximately 36 kilometers to the south of this city, after there got overturned a private truck dedicated to the transportation of passengers, whose driver tried, to speeding, to exceed a similar vehicle.

There 12 persons died, among them an eight-year-old child, and later four adults in the Manuel Ascunce Domenech hospital.

Translated by BA in English Language, Manuel Barrera Téllez

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