In this new stage one of the politics developed by the banking on the island nation centers in the financing to the not state sector, where are included the workpeople by proper account, non agricultural cooperative farms, the small farmers, artists and other forms of management.

Both the People's Savings Bank (BPA) and that of Credit and Commerce (Bandec) in Camagüey assumed the task of the implementation of the Decree Law 289 in 2011, nevertheless, the experience soon demanded transformations and the last one was the first in offering the new facility to the emergent sector.

This way, 2014 brought with it the authorization of a limit of financing for which would not demand new insurances. Although in a beginning it was of 10 000 CUP, at present it rises up to 20 000, and the minimal quota was reduce from 3 000 to 1 000 pesos.

“The practice also demonstrated that it was necessary to proceed with many papers and that it was weighing the persons to approach our offices, then the paperwork was diminished and we go out to look for the clients and to do the papers in their houses across the business agents”, mentioned to Adelante, José Antonio Álvarez Corrales, agent A of business bank employees in Bandec and specialist who attends the financing procedure to the non state sector in the province.

He also clarified that although this option does not have the new insurances: united guarantor, accounts of saving, vehicles, major cattle, house of summer holiday, barren lots and jewels, among others; this does not mean that it does not demand guarantees, which in this case will be the income generated by the activity and an account hired at the moment of granting the financing in which, along with the monthly quotas, there settles another sum that benefits to the proper client like saving and like present guarantee or for financing and future investments.

“We keep on studying variants to generate facilities to our clients and to attract them more, so in the province we only have granted a little over 200 financings ascending to 2.8 million pesos, and we are in conditions of keeping on extending this portfolio”, the specialist ensured.

Translated by BA in English Language, Manuel Barrera Téllez

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