Betweeen next 21st and 24 eill start th event, that has amons its special moments a meeting with the director of memorable movies like Clandestinos, La vida es silbar and Suite Habana, for whom, Camaguey has been his favorite place at the time of premiering many of his films

The exchange with the artist will be on Thursday 22nd at 5:00 pm in the Literary Coffee La Comarca, of the head office of the AHS in this city, according to Reynaldo Pérez Labrada, president of the producer company Luz Joven, of this association, and organizer of the Almacén de la Imagen.

For its part, the popular duo of Israel Rojas y Yoel Martínez, along with the band that accompanies them, will lead the closing ceremony, in the staircase of the Preuniversity Institute Álvaro Morell Álvarez, where they will perform topics of sound-tracks of movies in which they have taken part.

In addition to several collateral laurels, in the exhibit, considered among the most importants of the young audio-visual of Cuba, the big award Luces de la Ciudad will be delivered to the best work, and the Imagen del Almacén to finance a future production of presented scripts.

According to the organizing committee, a hundred of works were received to participate, that will be exhibited during the event in rooms of the multiscreen cinema Casablanca and in the proper head office of the AHS.

Also a workshop will be given on the most recent postproduction skills, a conference will be delivered on cultural consumption, the participants will develop debates, awarded short films in previous editions will be shown and there will be opened the exhibition of posters “XXV Aniversario de El Almacén de Ia Imagen”. 

Translated by BA in English Language, Manuel Barrera Téllez

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