This artery, from Saturday, is not just the address of its inhabitants, it is also a legal address for the rumba.

Camagüey already has a street dedicated to the rumba. “This genre is a cultural heritage of the country, therefore we proposed to create an activity characterized in our province to defend it. We selected Cielo street because it is the area of big rumberos like Quintín and Fila, of prominent walk-ons like Las Estrellas; here the rumba is born and grows in a spontaneous way”, mentioned to Adelante, Llulys Roque Martínez, assistant director of programming of the House of Culture Ignacio Agramonte.

“We, who live in the block join to support the concision of this project. A very pretty experience; we needed it, because this is the area where the roots of the rumba are in Camagüey”, expressed Maria Elena González Álvarez, neighbor of Cielo street.

Assisted by the rhythmic presence of Oshún and Yemayá all the spirit rumberos there assembled, did not allow to get scared by the threat of the rain.

The first Saturday of every month will be the day to honor and to cultivate the rumba; and then the street will be closed again, a stage will be improvised and Cielo will take with rejoicing, chords, dancing feet, and why not, some appellant gulp of Tínima beer.

Translated by BA in English Language, Manuel Barrera Téllez

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