More than 700 buffaloes benefited with this strategy belong to four Managerial Units of Base (UEB): La Luz and El Delirio, both of the municipality of Camagüey, la Ruta del Che, of Santa Cruz del Sur, and La Virginia, of Najasa.

“The savings in transport are formidable, and also by giving to the animals a balanced feeding it improves their state of health along with the outcomes”, expressed Oralmis Martín Hernández, director of the company.

From the grasslands up to the energy plants as the cane and the king grass, the strategy of food sufficiency includes species of high protein contributions as the mulberry and the moringa.

“Before the year ends we want to conclude another unit in the UEB La Luz, to continue with this idea that we want, step by step, to extend to all our company and this way to increase the perspectives of growth of the herd”, indicated Oralmis Martín.

The Cattle Company is the only entity of the Ministry of the Agriculture in Camagüey in the system of management and direction, known as managerial improving, and it is in the second position at national level in the buffalo milk production in Cuba.

The buffalo milk is used by the Dairy Company of Camagüey in the making of products expended in cuc, while the meat is assined to the consumption in the tourism.

Translated by BA in English Language, Manuel Barrera Téllez

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