This number represents today close to 48 per cent of the number of workpeople of the entity in the territory, to almost two years of the opening of this new form of management for proper account, like part of the process of update of the Cuban economic model.

Of the whole of these entrepreneurs 1 100 are assigned and organized in 34 trade union sections, and among their principal actions are the sale of pre-paid cards of the Propia service, recharges of cell phones or with the access to Internet, and the cashing of telephone invoices.

Osvaldo Aranda Rodríguez, General Secretary of the Provincial Bureau of the Trade union of the Communications and the Electronics, mentioned that the interests and worries of these agents also will be present in the debates of the First National Conference of the union, from October 29th to 31st.

The trade union leader reviewed that in this event the quality of the services, fundamentally of Post Office of Cuba, will constitute some of the principal topics, in addition to the computerization of the Cuban society, and the economic efficiency for the improvement of the income of the workpeople in both employment forms.

The services of the agents for proper account of ETECSA, inside which there are included computer programmers, fitters of antennas and repairers of electronic devices, have been widely accepted, on not having involved additional costs for the clients, and having avoided the saturation in the commercial offices of the entity.

Translated by BA in English Language, Manuel Barrera Téllez

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