It happens that this morning of the interview a very strong pain in the back was persisting on breaking the daily rhythm, although it did not manage to left her at home, nor to prevent her from giving the used morning trip for her "big school", Juan Vitalio Acuña of the municipality of Minas.

“This is what I enjoy the most, my work, although like today I almost cannot walk and my husband tries to persuade me so that I do not come, I did it. But I think that if I am not here something bad can happen”, confesses this woman who for over 30 years has been an educator.

Although in this territory many know her, not only for seven years of director in the Vilo but because earlier she was at the head of the elementary school of that time Salvador Cisneros Betancourt, and worked in the special school, Somnia is from Sibanicú.

“I graduated in the teachers' forming school in the specialty of preschool, in 1985. From there I worked in Sibanicú in the primary school Patricio Lumumba and very quickly I had my first daughter. There I was two years and it was there where I met the love of my life, my husband, with whom I have 30 years of married and we have a 23-year-old son.

I came to Minas for him, and left everything behind. But there are many people who helped me. We did not have a house, we were rented a lot of time, later we did a little house in the courtyard of my mother-in-law, until thanks to my work, the CTC gave me a house”.

In the conversation we did a small break because her tears did not allow her to continue. “I am a tremendous crybaby -she said in a tone of unnecessary excuse- I get excited with a lot of facility, but the good thing is that I am not the only one of the school, I believe that I have infected them- then she smiled.

“The outcomes that I have is thanks to the competent professionals that accompany me. For me this pedagogic cloister is one from better prepared of the whole municipality. The current school year I face for the first time 9 newly graduated, for that I am satisfied.

“There are many persons who say that Education has not given them anything, but in my case I have been given everything, professional knowledge and to educate my children, trips, articles for the house, even the house. I know that they have not given it to me, I have earned it with my work”.

Which do you think are the principal challenges of the Education in Cuba?

“One of the principal challenges is to prepare the family in how educating the children. At present many parents worry too much for the economic situation that they have no time to dedicate to the children.

Somnia, lives and knows about the sacrifices of the educators, about the value of this ancient phrase that should be a daily poem “it is possible to be poor but honest”, because she, like me, we have the hope that these material questions will improve, but while she knows that hers is an essential profession and that perhaps, today more that never, in it the soul to the nation is at stake.

Translated by BA in English Language, Manuel Barrera Téllez

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