In addition to work like president of the Jose Marti Young Pioneers' Organization (OPJM) in the municipality of Jimaguayú, she occupies the observer's charge in her Committee for the Defense of the Revolution (CDR) and she was selected by her neighbors to integrate the Detachment 55th Anniversary of this organization, which this September 28th kicked off a new year of life with major challenges.

On this matter Adelante obtained the following declarations:

What does it mean for you to integrate the Detachment?

“It is a recognition of the persons of my block and it is also a challenge, a challenge to be fulfilled with the tasks not only at provincial level that the Detachment entrusts us, but in the base, where I live every day, and where I have to give the example to those who follow me”.

Which do you believe is the importance of the block CDRs in these time?

“As it was since its creation, it keeps on being the first combat border, organizes us to all the Cuban and represents the people in general. Also, it is where you have the most nearby friends”.

Where do they have the main challenge?

“The principal challenge is the alertness, understanding it like that is necessary to stay awake from all the points of view: political-ideological, illegalities, subversion; and also it is necessary to strengthen the work with the youth, because towards this sector there is directed the work of those who want to destroy our social victories”.

What do you think of the creation of this Detachment?

“It was a very good initiative just on the verge of the Xth Congress of the Young Communist League (UJC), which has joined the two organizations and fill with pride to share the tasks, always important, what demonstrates that they bear us in mind and trust in us”.

Translated by BA in English Language, Manuel Barrera Téllez

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