They are considered to be potentials since to visualize the digital television the persons must acquire the specific receiving devices, like the set-top boxes or the hybrid TV sets, both products commercialized by the retail network of shops in cuc.

Isaías Ramos, head of the Center of Direction of the Company of Radio communication and Diffusion of Cuba (RADIOCUBA) in the province, told that as it happened in this capital when the test stage was realized in 2014, in these municipalities there were delivered a limited quantity of “boxes“ of subsidized form.

On the quality of the signal, the specialist pointed out that its ideal quality depends on having suitable decoder devices, external antenna and downspout (tape or cable) towards the recipient in good conditions, and the houses must be located within the coverage radio established.

With the deployment in all the provinces, Cuba advances in the trial period and simultaneity of the analogical and digital television, which will have to wrap up in 2022.

Translated by BA in English Language, Manuel Barrera Téllez

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