There only remain the Municipal Assemblies of the Peoples' Power of the territories of Florida, Céspedes, Esmeralda, Nuevitas and Camagüey for the culmination of the process of selection of the over 600 citizens who will apply the law in these instances.

In the case of the Provincial Head Office, the 251 lay judges who will support the judicial activity during the next five years will be named in the frame of the Provincial Assembly scheduled for November.

“For their merits and trajectory highlighted in previous periods today represent like precandidates of the province lay judges of the People's Supreme Court Eliverio Hernández Luis, Evaristo Ramírez Martínez, Irisleidis Díaz Traba and Odalis Ineraritty Castro, who will be proclaimed by means of the National Assembly of People´s Power, expressed to Adelante Janet Loret de Mola, Professional Judge and Head of the Department of Leaders of the Popular Provincial Court.

According to the Article 124 of the Constitution of the Republic of Cuba the work of these persons as lay judges has supremacy on their labor occupation; it also validates their participation in the legal process in equality of rights and duties with the professional judges.

Translated by BA in English Language, Manuel Barrera Téllez

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