In the case of the 83 secondary basics of the territory, only seven are not provided with the modules, which have a cost superior to 10 000 dollars, come from China, and have the set of instruments necessary for the development of the practical exercises and experiments of the subjects of Chemistry, Physics and Biology.

For their part, of the 26 preuniversity schools, only the Inés Luaces is missing, school today submitted to a complex cardinal repair, due to its characteristics and architectural values, values of the real estate located in the most ancient area of this metropolis, declared in 2008 Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

Elizabeth Sosa del Valle, head of the department of Secondary Basic of the Provincial Direction of Education, mentioned that, from the gradual economic recovery through that the country lives, there constituted a priority the recovery of these specialized classrooms.

She pointed out that before the complaints of the higher education, with regard to the low preparation of the students in these matters, reflected fundamentally in those that were deciding in favor of engineering majors, it was decided to rescue the laboratories.

The over 450 preuniversity schools of Cuba already have bought their laboratories of Chemistry, Physics and Biology, these by a value superior to 23 000 dollars each one, and it is foreseen to culminate with the secondary basic ones before the end of the present year.

Translated by BA in English Language, Manuel Barrera Téllez

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