Erduin Delgado, Industrial Production manager in the Sugar Company Camagüey, told that the works in execution try to reduce the time without processing cane in the plants in order to make use the most possible of the period of the harvest, from December this year to next April.

He pointed out that the arrangements are developed in accordance with the timetable for this pre sugar harvest stage and predicted that in October it must kick off with 80 per cent of collective advance, although the factory Brazil has delays in the phase of cleanliness and maintenance when it wraped up the past grinding.

The intention is to wrap up all the works in October and to take forward in November the exercises of sugar harvest and the general tests of the plants, pointed out the technical manager.

In the next campaign Camagüey will put in operations the industries Brazil, Siboney, Batalla de las Guásimas, Argentina and Carlos Manuel de Céspedes, and will continue without participating in the grindings other two for insufficient cane quantity in their plantations.

Without being a definitive decision, the contest will kick off in the first days of December.

Translated by BA in English Language, Manuel Barrera Téllez

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