This time, the Cuban President attended to the General Assembly of the United Nations (UNO), in New York, in the frame of the 70th anniversary of its foundation to take part in the Summit on the Agenda of Development Later to 2015, the Conference of Global Leaders on Equality of Genre and Empowerment of the Women: an action commitment, and in the section of high level in the 70 period of meetings of the UNO.

In all the cases and fitted to the topics, Raúl Castro pronounced concise and forceful speeches in which he fixed the position of the island on these matters, and simultaneously he revealed the outcomes reached in our country in each of them.

He said that the advances in these fifteen years, after adopting the Millenium Development Goals, are insufficient and unequally distributed and in many cases worsen the levels of inequality and poverty, in which about 2 700 million persons live in the world.

As for Cuba, despite the economic, commercial and financial blockade of the United States, which lasts already over 50 years, causing serious penuries to the people and damages to our development, the country managed to fulfill the Goals of the Millenium and offered cooperation to other nations, practice that we will continue.

Quoting eloquent numbers, the Cuban Chief demonstrated the discrimination of which  the woman is object to universal scale, product of which one of three females experiences physical and sexual violence, 90 % of the 2.5 million human trafficking are women, the unemployment levels are the highest, they constitute 70 per cent of the poor in the world, over 300 000 die every year during childbearing, about 800 million adults are illiterate and their representation in the parliaments only reaches 22 %.

In contrast, in Cuba on having been born the life expectancy is 80.45 years, the valuation of maternal death rate is just 21.4 for every 100 000 living born, one of the lowest of the world, represent 48 % of the whole of the persons occupied in the civil state sector, exercise 46 % of the high charges of direction in the country, 78 % of the personnel of the health, and it is 65.2 % the graduates in higher education and in spite of it, we must keep working in the change of the cultural patterns, and other features of the equality of genre.

Return, after 50 years, to the United States like statesman, with the flags in high place, the revolutionary principles intact, worthy and united, to say truths and to dignify the homeland, is a pride and satisfaction for Raúl and for the majority of the Cuban.

Translated by BA in English Language, Manuel Barrera Téllez

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