Oscar Ramírez Falcón, manager of the entity located in the north periphery of this city, declared that the program helped changing the mentality of the farmers in order to obtain major and better development of the sowing surfaces, and with it advances in the quality of life of the families of the workpeople.

He exemplified it with the over 550 tons of mango harvested in the last months, superior record of previous years, and the important increase of the income of the personnel of the cooperative.

We have families that went so far as to win up to 25 000 weight in four months of collection and sale of the fruits, he showed.

The project helped the technical preparation of the farmers and to promote other inserted productions, among them vegetables, grains, fruit trees of scarce presence amon others, but also forages for the sheep and goat breeding.

The cooperative farm obtained, thanks to this plan irrigation systems, the roof of the ship of gathering and classification, the remotorization of the tractor of the entity, two power saws and a classroom for the self improvement of the farmers.

Also, Ramírez Falcón extoled the narrow link with dependencies on scientific agricultural services, like the institutes of soils and fertilizers, veterinarian and vegetable health.

The agroecologic joint was implemented in cooperative farms of five municipalities of the country, and is financed jointly by Cuba and the European Union, the nongovernmental organizations of this region of the world Hivos and COSUDE, and the monitoring was in charge of the Association of Agricultural and Forest Technicians (ACTAF).

Translated by BA in English Language, Manuel Barrera Téllez

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