“To improve the constructive conditions of the institutions, principally the carpentry, hidro-sanitary facilities, and waterproofing of the covering, is one of the principal targets of the sector, since there are many piled up problems. Every year we have been restoring centers and Camagüey in this direction has advanced very much. Now it corresponds to take care of them so that they last and so that the educators have better working conditions”, she pointed out.

Velázquez Cobiella also highlighted the accompaniment with which this territory is provided on the part of the direction of the Communist Party of Cuba and of the Government. “One perceives that the education in this province is a priority, as it must be, because it is a social phenomenon and we need to count on with all the organisms, the community and the family”.

The first part of the visit, included the Mixed Center Ignacio Agramonte located in the Popular Council Previsora, the High School Inés Luaces, former Advanced School for Athletic Perfection (ESPA), the mixed Daycare Center Manuel Sabalo, where there are also welcomed children younger than 5 years that are not provided with familiar cover and to the Agricultural Polytechnical School Álvaro Barba Machado, and it wraped up in the recreational teaching Camp Siboney, located in Santa Lucia beach.

This year the Education direction in Camagüey has repaired 30 educational centers and by the end of the year 81 must be finished. At present 26 centers remain in the whole territory evaluated as critics for their constructive situation, which must be included in the plan of repair and maintenance of 2016 and 2017.

Translated by BA in English Language, Manuel Barrera Téllez

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