¨Camagüey is a good example for all that it ispossible to go forward, even in moments of climatic difficulties. I believe that with the potentialities that all have, 13 territories, they can improve for the next trip¨, mentioned Dr. Adolfo Rodríguez Nodal, head of the GNAUS.

Camagüey obtained the best outcomes in the trip and it was the only demarcation with productive centers with new reward, since in the whole province there was ratified the condition of National Reference to 18 units.

The Excellency condition was reached by the farm La Esperanza and the Base Business Unit La Luz of the Livestock Company of Camagüey; the Double Excellency, the organic garden of cultivation semiprotected in Saratoga, and his counterpart of “Nitrogen“, the Triple Excellency.

“It is a difficult technology to achieve vegetables in the whole year, but in this epoch with changes of temperatures, nevertheless we have been supported with 10, yesterday we sold there 12 cultivations: ah!, and with quality. From now on we expect the Fourth Crown or Excellency, and I believe we will achieve it, because we work very close, and exceed in four or five kilograms (Kg) the norm of 20 Kg of vegetable for square meter”, said Jorge Luis Rodríguez Reinaldo, agricultural worker at the head of "Nitrogen", who, along with his three partners, affirmed to receive not less than $900 a month.

Dr. Adolfo exhorted the Camagüeyans to give to the peri-urban agriculture, which faces problems as 1 000 infected hectares of marabou, the same shine that shows its urban form, and in this occasion he said, along with his specialists of the Group, as not evaluable the municipality of Nuevitas for its awful agricultural situation, due to the serious adverse effects because of the drought.

Translated by BA in English Language, Manuel Barrera Téllez

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