Conventional painting, installation, videos and the curatorship exercise developed among all constitute ingredients of the exhibit opened in the Provincial Museum Ignacio Agramonte, that includes for the first time in the event, a widening of the program Galería Ciudad and ENFOCO Producciones, from Television Camagüey, across the documentary of Jorge Campanería, about the creative process of the participants in the last two months.

The instalation of Nelson Miranda, with his records of the being, does not establish controversy with the exquisite brush of young Ali Hamouni; not even the ripeness of the round paintings of Osmar Yero, with the proposal of Joel González Pallerols, who has been shaping a sharp speech concerning the reality.

Also it is possible to find a sort of notebooks of the memory or tensions of the rope with which Oscar Rodríguez Jr. ties an old piano and a ¨vitrola¨; as well as the care for the details of the oneiric textures of Osmany Soler, the infinity of the abstraction of Alid Nail, an artist of self-educated formation, and the wood, not only because it was the predominant material of the piece, by Leonardo Pablo.

This third version of ¨8+1¨ turns out to be nearby to the critic Guillermo Betancourt Díaz to the so-called Group of the Eleven, of big impact in the Cuban plastic arts of the 50s, “although the differences are evident, since it is a question of other youth, of other ways of doing and of other realities”.

As Leonardo Pablo suggested in the opening, the expectations will continue in ascent; it is not a question of a strict group, but of a fixed number of participants of an inclusive project.

Translated by BA in English Language, Manuel Barrera Téllez

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