These actions took as a head office the Credit and Service Cooperative Paco Borrero of the municipality of Camagüey, due to the highlight of this unit in the agroecological practices, as informed Enrique Casado Simón, secretary of communications to provincial instances, of the Association of Agricultural and Forest Technicians (ACTAF).

“We work along with the National Association of Small Farmers (ANAP), so that this day was not limited to a mere event, but should serve to increase the socialization of the experiences with the use of the agroecology that, finally, constitutes one of the routes that we possess in Cuba to improve the agriculture”, expressed Casado Simón, who underlined the role of the ACTAF as accompanist of the producer in the productive processes.

In the forum a ten researches were presented, two of them for understood by scientific institutions of the Department of the Agriculture in the province, and the rest by peasants, with which the presence of the agroecology is reinforced in the agricultural Camagüey dynamics.

Mango, plum and lemons, among other fruit, accompany food like the yam and timber-species like the cedar in Pedro's forest who, since3 1993, keeps his space of cultivation as didactic space to the service of the schools and the quarter, which are benefited with the agricultural products.

Translated by BA in English Language, Manuel Barrera Téllez

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