Not long ago we were in an expedition through the municipality of Minas and visited the town of Lugareño. A People's Council where live little over 7 600 persons, which devote themselves fundamentally to the agricultural and cattle activities, since its sugar plant died some years ago.

In a corner of the main street of the town we find a building with very good health, which for the architectural style must be from the first half of last century. There takes root the bookstore, with the name of Talía, like the muse of the comedy and the poetry.

Nenisley Francia Hernández is the bookseller in Talía. She graduated as social communicator in the municipal university center and earlier librarian, she says she likes very much her work.

Anyone could think that this girl´s job is boring but she swears that “there is always something to do.

“I even do promotion to the posters because there are those who use them to line the books once the academic year kicks off.

The library and I, we do a lot of activities. An example is the one that we realize with the children who have are slow to learn”.

- How is the sale?

- When I have many new ones it always increases. The books most sold are the infantile ones and those of politics. The related ones to the Che are very much commercialized”.

- Do you believe that printed books will disappear?

- I do not think so. Not everyone has acces to a computer and to these modern devices, but the books are always present.

“Reading is super important and in the children it is decisive. For example my daughter is eight years old and I always try to read to her very much. That has helped her to perfect her vocabulary, spelling, also at the time of writing.

It is true that the habit of the reading has got lost in many persons, but not completely and I do all the possible because here in Lugareño they do not forget the books”.

Nenisley, is one of the so many women who, almost from the anonymity, do this country.

Translated by BA in English Language, Manuel Barrera Téllez

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