And the words of Oscar were confirmed by the workpeople of “La Reforma” and “La Niña”, two farms of the six immersed ones in the project financed jointly by the European Union, the Swiss Agency for the Development and the Cooperation, the nongovernmental organization Hivos, and the Ministry of the Agriculture in Cuba.

With “Articulación“ Ramón López Feijóo transformed “La Reforma”. “I learned on different techniques like the application of the compost, and the insertion of the cultivation”.

America Galeano Verdecia, affirmed that with the agroecology “La Niña” grew up: "Thanks to the soil studies now I know where to sow well the banana and the cane, and with the project we also tried the guava, the sorghum, the corn, the sweet potato... Also, it taught us the importance of looking for other earnings as the ones given by the Apoyo a una Agricultura  Sostenible en Cuba (PAAS), since the mango keeps on being our principal cultivation, and the PAAS wants to mount a mini-industry to us to make use of the pulps”.

The Association of Agricultural and Forest Technicians (ACTAF) sponsored the actions of “Articulación“. The farmers today have their eyes well open to the science and to the search of financing. The life is really different for these farmers, who now possess the experience to share with other producers of the province, and this way to change, step by step, the life of all.

Translated by BA in English Language, Manuel Barrera Téllez

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