The 534 hectares in growth, although represent 92 % of the planned up to today, mean an important increase with regard to the frugal development of 2014, when Camagüey suffered from a notable fire in San Felipe plateau, the biggest wooded massif of the territory.

“This advance in the plantation owes, especially, to the impulse in the sowing of plants that exceed almost in 200 000 the 592 900 achieved last year. It is necessary to highlight that what we have obtained till now already overcomes our current annual plan”, affirmed Adalberto Marrero Hernández, specialist in forestry of the Integral Forest Company of Camagüey.

The pine, the acacia, the eucalyptus and the casuarina constitute the species most cultivated in the artificial Camagüeyan forests, due to their adaptation to the soils of the province and to their benefits like serrated wood and for the increasing tobacco production.

The Camagüey natural forests contribute wood used in the pharmacist like the mangrove, and to the cattle farming like the carob.

The wooded revival demonstrates fully the recovery of "La Forestal" in Camagüey still working in its financial indemnity.

Translated by BA in English Language, Manuel Barrera Téllez

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