There is incredible the speed to which it is possible to navigate, which allows to do video-call across the Facebook chat, to listen to music or to see on-line movies, or to download good applications, mentioned Yanais Vega, who access one of these points, in the Agramonte park.

For those who have always connected through the conventional route, the difference is considerable, although there are still some difficulties at the moment of the access to the network, said Juan Mendoza connected from another point, in El Gallo square.

Both users agreed that, although the Wi-Fi opens the possibilities for a major connectivity from spaces public, these must be increased, even with the reduction in the tariffs, the price keeps on being inaccessible if it is compared with the real average salary of the Cuban.

In spite of this unquestionable reality, information facilitated by the Cuban Telecomunications Company corroborates the widely acceptance of the service by the public of the Camagüeyan metropolis, that is also verified in the quantity of persons concentrated on these places with their devices.

Of 3 307 Nauta accounts of navigation and international mail opened between January and June, the number almost has been trebled only in what it goes of July, since in less than one month (at the end of the 22nd) 3 183 accounts of this type had been activated, pointed out José Flores, commercial specialist of the entity.

It is expected, gradually, the installation of the Wi-Fi in other points of the city, emphatically in the tourist axis and the principal shopping streets.

Translated by BA in English Language, Manuel Barrera Téllez

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