With an already obsolete analogical technology and also in disuse for breaks, the slates -whose cost on the international market numbers approximately 18 000 dollars - there were adapted for the functioning with the electronic bosses mobiles used in the calibration of the said counting meters.

To incorporate these patters or meters in the area was changed the whole electrical layout system to the slates, said Jorge Domínguez, innovator who presented his solution in the Forum of Science and Technique of the company.

With three years already of functioning, the adequacy of these devices has allowed the entity a major efficacy in the employment of the new digital devices for the measurement of the energy consumption, which substituted the existing ones, with several decades of development in some cases.

This efficiency contributed that at the end of June of this year the losses behave below the schedule, with only 13.96 per cent of the generated energy, thanks to the fact that already almost all of the clients in the territory have electronic meters, according to information granted by the direction of the company.

Domínguez also said that all of it is verified through these recovered slates, and they allow to replace or calibrate those meters that turn out to be defective in the measurements.

Translated by BA in English Language, Manuel Barrera Téllez

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