The advantages of this novel technology was presented in the Forum of Science and Technique of the Electrical Company of Camagüey by Alberto Narváes García, from the experience accumulated during the last year and that reveals multiple advantages, among them, the humanization of the work, realized previously under difficult topographic conditions.

He explained to the press, that to execute the project of the distribution lines or broadcast it was necessary to open by-paths, to face the accidents of the area and to cover kilometers.

Now it is not necessary to realize a lot of physical effort, just by situation the GPS in a determined point during a minute you achieve the measurement that you want.

The forum took place in two committees in the Center of Conventions Santa Cecilia with the debate of 18 papers, associated with problems purely technical in the field of the electric power and with the means of transportation that serve as support to this vital sector.

The innovators Reynaldo Culley and George López deserved the epithet of Highlighted with the system of informative applications for the analysis of the process of reading and billing; also won recognitions: Adaptación de motor  NISSAN a guagua Girón by René Iraola, and Jorge Domínguez with Recuperación de dos pizarras universales de comprobación.

Translated by BA in English Language, Manuel Barrera Téllez

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