The transfer of one of them of the municipality of Florida to a bigger place, the opening of another in Sibanicú, and the cardinal repair of several of the 13 existing institutions of this type in the territory, will determine the bed increase, and in capacities for the form of day stay.

According to information facilitated by Dr. Jesus Regueira, head of the section of the Adult, Social Work and Mental Health of the Provincial Direction of the MINSAP in Camagüey, until now 1 000 capacities exist in these centers, with 157 also for the day houses.

Although this is one of the provinces with better indexes in the bed availability in these institutions in interrelation with the population older than 60 years, it does not correspond to the potential demanded, since there are over142 000 the elders who live in Camagüey.

For such a motive, the efforts do not concentrate only on the rescue of the institutional houses, mostly with an infrastructure extremely spoiled, but also on strategies to strengthen the care in the family and the services of Geriatrics, said the official.

From September, in over half of the general hospitals of the province classrooms will be enabled for the training of the elders' minders, both for relatives as for those who redeem it like labor option, meanwhile there is foreseen the opening of a new geriatric room in the Guáimaro hospital.

Information published by the AIN in April of this year said that in Cuba there is over two million persons older than 60 years, 19 per cent of the whole population, which places the country like the most aged of Latin America.

Translated by BA in English Language, Manuel Barrera Téllez

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