The transmission of voice and information for only one network is one of the most important possibilities that offers the digital technology, since it turns out to be vital for the development of the connectivity to Internet, one of the aspects most demanded within the projections of computerization of the Cuban society.

According to information facilitated to the press by the department of Communication and Marketing of the Cuban Telecomunications Company in Camagüey, the modernized stations allow a substantial progress in the quality and stability of the communications.

Also, supplementary services of the fixed telephony as the caller ID and others are supported on the digital technology, to which six small plants are already missing for migrating to the digital tech in towns of the municipalities of Jimaguayú, Nuevitas, Guáimaro, Sibanicú and Santa Cruz del Sur.

Nevertheless, the growth in the installation of fixed phones, one of the biggest demands of the population, is still low, according to Jesus Baladrón, director of Cuba's telephony company ETECSA in Camagüey, the possibility of increasing them does not depend only on the capacities in the plants.

Information published by Cubadebate points out that the country aspires to grow to a rhythm of 30 000 fixed phones annually, but without moving away from the world trend of migrating increasingly towards the cellular technology.

Translated by BA in English Language, Manuel Barrera Téllez

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