The announcement was done by the Doctor of Economic Sciences Josefina Torres Mora, president of the National Association of Cuban Economists (ANEC), after wrapping up the provincial meet of both specialties, carried out in the Center of Conventions Santa Cecilia.

Nine works exhibited in this forum will represent the province in the national exchange and from now on, up to the celebration of October, a space exists to assume the recommendations contributed by the qualified jury.

Torres Mora pointed out that these events as the workshops realized by the National Association of Cuban Economists respond to give answer to the implementation of the lineaments of the economic and social policy, approved by the VIth Congress of the Communist Party of Cuba.

In the inaugural magisterial conference of the event, the Doctor of Economic Sciences Arístides Pelegrín Mesa, for the characteristic of the meet spoke about the managerial social responsibility from the marketing point of view.

He presented a panorama of how the Cuban companies must be introduced in this ambience, from the economic, social approaches and environmental way and the capacities that the country and Camagüey can develop.

He showed Cuban experiences, particularly in the reduction of environmental costs and of residues, in generation of opportunities in incomes and the capacity of the nation in this field in the macroeconomic thing across the Ministry of Science, Technology and the Environment (CITMA), regulatory organism in Cuba.

The speaker mentioned in this sense the expediency of the use of renewable sources of energy and of the national parks and the link of these with the economy.

The source that recorded the evaluation is integrated by a national team, in charge of the economic evaluation and its tie with the reduction of environmental impacts, associated with the opportunities of the country.

Translated by BA in English Language, Manuel Barrera Téllez

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