“To lift it with this form was an idea of the Dr. Adolfo Rodríguez Nodals, head of the National Urban and Suburban Agriculture Group, who tries to set it up in an official way in September”, told Jorge Aguilar Pérez, director of the Botanical Garden.

The Camagüeyan organic garden follows the circular one constructed in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, for idea of Adolfo Rodríguez, who placed an image of Bolívar in the center, while in that of Camagüey was used the traditional tinajon to decorate the center of the plantations.

“To supply to three restaurants of the 'Park' and to destine the surpluses of the productions to the sale to the population are the targets of the organic garden, that although its surface scarcely exceeds 200 stonemasons' meters, strengthens our urban agriculture”, pointed out Guillermo Rodríguez Llópiz, provincial subdelegate of the Ministry of the Agriculture.

In addition to the singular organic garden, the Botanical Park of Camagüey, projects among the delight of its 72 hectares with some 1 000 species of the vegetable world services as the walks on horseback and in rapid longboats and boats in the reservoir that joins this new institution with the Lago de los Sueños.

Translated by BA in English Language, Manuel Barrera Téllez

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