“A very big satisfaction is this recognition, especially, because one does not work thinking of receiving awards. But this award compromises us to keep on working, so if they create a Fifth Crown also gain it”, said Omar.

Omar's "coronation" happened in the 69th trip of the GNAUS for the province, and the fact was extoled by the Dr. Adolfo Rodríguez Nodals, head of the “National Group”, who, in addition to congratulating the peasant who produced last year 180 tons of food, valued of positive the Camagüey advance for this type of agriculture.

“This is the first Fourth Crown that we obtain, and the first one of its type in the country, but we expect to reach others, since we have Triple Crown and several Doubled Crowns, like the mini-industry Sabor Camagüeyano, in the head municipality, which was received in the same trip, where also was awarded with the Excellency, or the First Crown the farm El Paraíso, in Florida belonging to the Agroindustrial Company of Grains 'Ruta Invasora”, said Javier Rodríguez Guerrero, specialist at provincial level of the Agriculture, at the head of the urban and suburban agriculture.

Rodríguez highlighted the performance of territories like Camagüey, Florida and Minas, which got the maximum qualifications in the 69th trip, and exhorted Azcuba to improve the attention to their integral orchards and organic gardens, since one of them in Esmeralda turned out to be the only one with empty stonemasons in the province. In addition to this northern demarcation, Vertientes and Sibanicú turned out to be those with worst performances.

Camagüey challenges concentrate on the sburban agriculture, so although the biggest success was given by Omar in his farm, it is in the outskirts of the towns where there persist our biggest challenges, like the 5 300 hectares infected with marabou.

Translated by BA in English Language, Manuel Barrera Téllez

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