The solemn place located to 13 kilometers of the Camagüey, remembers the uprising of the Camagüeyans that on November 4th, 1868 helped the uprising of La Demajagua, led by the Father of the Homeland Carlos Manuel de Céspedes on October 10th of that year.

In the Code of Ethics there are highlighted values as the honesty, the transparence, laboriousness and allegiance to the people.

Days earlier the workpeople with many years in the sector ratified the document, framed the closing of the Day for the Promotion of the Ethical Values that the General Controller's office of the Republic developed for over one month.

The Law 107 of 2009 of the Controller's office of the Republic created this state organ, substitute of the Ministry of Audit and Control, with capacity to help the National Assembly of People's Power and the Council of the State in the fulfillment of the constitutional order of exercising the inspection of all the organisms of the State and the Government.

To prepare and to face illegalities and corruption, of preserving the public patrimony, the economic-administrative control, the methodological attention and supervise the National System of Audit, among others, are the responsibilities of the institution apart from executing actions of control.

Translated by BA in English Language, Manuel Barrera Téllez

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