It was difficult to speak about his death, if we knew that he was there, with his book opened in the hands and accompanied, not of one, as one sees in the bronze statue, but of many children and young people.

He was also in the two Camagüeyans, an adolescent, Yiliannis Pérez Fernández and in the new teacher Dianne Suarez Almarales, who deserved the condition Virtues Martianas, a recognition that every year delivers the Cuba´s Young Communist League (UJC) and the Marti Youth Movement, to those who have high values and are consistent with them.

His aureole came up too the over 20 boys and girls who received the card that credits them like members of the UJC.

Elda Cento Gómez, vice-president of the National Association of Historian of Cuba (UNHIC), in her magisterial inventory of the one who was and is for the Cuban, The Teacher, extoled that in Martí there is summed up the best of the Cuban soul and is considered to be the most universal of the children of the Homeland.

Cento Gómez also expressed “the Martí death has been one of the pages more rides of the national historiography because the peoples never find a worthy way for the death of their heroes. The same happened with the death of Carlos Manuel de Céspedes, or with that of our Ignacio here in Jimaguayú and with that of Antonio Maceo.

There is a condition that joins all the Cuban heads. Their deep sense of the honor, the commitment and the notion of the duty has led them always to fight in the first line. Martí was not a warrior, but his sense of the duty and his commitment with the war he had convened led him to assume the position of a combatant”, she pointed out.

In the so important commemoration could not be missing the accompaniment of Jorge Luis Tapia Fonseca, member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba (PCC) and its first secretary in Camagüey, Yoandriz Ruiz Villalón, principal leader of the UJC in the territory and Isabel González Cárdenas, President of the Government. Also there were present José Ángel Fernández Castañeda, National President of the Federation of High School Students (FEEM) and other leaders of the province.

Translated by BA in English Language, Manuel Barrera Téllez

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