Michel Ballate Camejo, director of the Agroindustrial Company of Grains Ruta Invasora, said that difficulty does not exist for the preparation of the combined harvesters necessary for the level of compilation of April and May, but yes for June and July when the harvest increases greatly.

In this case there are hurdles to place in the workshops, other pieces to arrange the whole park needed for this next stage.

During the months of the middle of the year the harvest can come up to 1 000 tons every day.

The manager added that the maturation of the plants shows delay for the difficulties to give enough water to the plantations, which are 8 600 hectares sowed since November of last year.

This surface received the benefit of the liquid from wells, since the reservoirs that serve to the ricefields have available for the cultivation only 10 per cent of what they store.

Before this adverse contingency and not to give up to obtain a high compilation, was implemented the ideal irrigation, which consists of realizing the irrigation in three essential moments, for the biological development of the plants.

76 per cent of the cultivation of rice in Camagüey is in hands of the peasants affiliated to the National Association of Small Farmers (ANAP), many of them favored with the delivery of areas in usufruct.

Translated by BA in English Language, Manuel Barrera Téllez

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