“Here it has not rained very much, but since the end of March I am already gathering mangoes and I still have a lot in my courtyard!”, expressed Eneida Cabrera Rodríguez, teacher of the elementary education of Vertientes, one of the municipalities with more presence of the fruit.

The authorities of the Department of the Agriculture (MINAG) in Camagüey agreed on the securing of over 7 500 tons of the fruit during the current year.

Guillermo Rodríguez Llópiz, provincial subdelegate of the MINAG, highlighted the gradual increase of the mango in Camagüey, due to the fulfillment of the sowings foreseen during the last years, and pointed out that for 2015 it was programmed to extend this food across 248 more hectares.

“For this month we foresaw 93 tons, but perhaps there is more because the water stress in the flowering stage favored the plantations, and although the rains skimp in the province, in the southern region, which possesses the biggest number of mangoe trees, it has rained during the last weeks, which provoked new flowerings that must come to fruition in July and August”, said Guillermo Rodríguez, subdelegate of the MINAG in Camagüey.

Osmany Martínez Domínguez, marketing manager of the provincial company of Gathering (Acopio), said that “we kick off with the distribution on the markets of the cities ahead of schedule, and value the sending to the Ceballos industry, Ciego de Ávila, so that the harvested does not get lost”.

Translated by BA in English Language, Manuel Barrera Téllez

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