I was imagining the reasons, cleared later by the Doctor in Sciences Josefina Torres Mora, who as Maria Gil, another teacher of this institution, is always following the work of this young woman in her formation. “She is a serious and responsible girl in her work”, said the current president of the Association of Economists and Accountants in Camagüey.

In the last meeting of the XIXth Meet of Economist and Accountant Women, carried out last week with the females' assistance of Las Tunas, Ciego de Ávila we interviewe her, which at first was a little shy. She did not know the content of the questions.

“I chose the accounting because I saw that it was a specialty that helps very much the economy of the country. It makes the base registered to adopt the economic and financial decisions where the young people can help and re-take things that stopped to be done in this field”.

To look for every indicator

I was surprise with the new reflection. “If Rubiera does not have an information record he could not do a weather forecasting. If an accountant does not do a good accounting, can not be successful nor to come to the efficiency”.

Joycet thinks that the accounting has advenced very much, that the specialists do a good work, while she said: "The administrations and the directions, although they have improved, do not give yet the priority or the place to this science, with independence of the financial conditions; they need to go a little further on: to interpret this tool to look over every indicator.

“It is there where every parameter must be taken care to make the decisions, it is not just to check what the global organisms of the economy ask me in the moment. It is also important to see the sales, the cash flow that I am having, the inventories, in what I use them, why I buy them and if really I am going to use them”.

Critical vision

To the proposal of applying the counterfoil DAFO (shortcomings, threats, strengths and opportunities) for the definition of the moment in which there is the accounting in the companies and budgeted units, according to her point of view she summed up:

“In the weaknesses: the absence of an opportune record, a good knowledge of the norms of accounting and a major review for those who exercise the specialty. Threat, the new exchange challenges on how to apply the Resolution 17, a study that happens in the financial management.

Strengths: the support of the national and provincial Government and the lineaments of the VIth Congress of the Party, from the economic, to give solution to the social problems. And in the opportunities the fact is that we have the whole scale of exchange to gain access to bibliographies and to the persons who can help us”.

She added like favorable the fact of having today the historical direction of the Revolution. From a critical vision she remembered like some graduated classmates who preferred to leave this major or emigrate towards other countries looking for new opportunities.

Shee thought that this situation, to which she called a ¨hole¨, affected, “but now the ambience that I see, the desire is to help and to be in Cuba, because they know that those that went away neither had all the outcomes nor reached all the aspirations. They long to return.

In 2013 she wraped up the majors and she is close to wraping up the Mastery of Accounting and Finance, the research component in this specialty, evaluated process of professional improvement as she wraps up every module finally to defend her studies in this phase superior to that of postgraduate course.

Today she presides the provincial National Association of Cuban Economists at the Council of Young people, an agglutinant movement of the new generation of researchers in this field, so much of the academy as the related to the services and the production.

Translated by BA in English Language, Manuel Barrera Téllez

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