Venezuela is not a threat, we are a hope, says the first page of the book of signatures, where not only there paraded the most genuine of the juvenile artistic talent of Camagüey, but everyone who visits the space of the literary café La Comarca, as well as the passers-by of the areas of the emblematic Rural Casino of Camagüey.

In the head office of the AHS, where it is debated usually by the young people the quality of the artistic product that there is consumed, there is a exhibit of the artist Ivan Carbonell (Mochuty) from Florida, who bases his work on seven paintings of a rooster that defends its courtyard and its convictions.

The young artist said that “Venezuela is one of the most united and human countries of the world and that its people possess the values that its leader Hugo Chávez Frías inculcated. What there claim the Yankees -he said- is to restore again the capitalism in this brother people.”

The signature of the book in support to Venezuela will be livened today by Harold Díaz and his group Punto de Giro, with alternative music according to the contemporary trova. “The AHS is our house, said the young musician and composer, and for us it is a privilege that they have invited us to perform in occasion of the support that offers our village to the Bolivarian Revolution.”

Translated by BA in English Language, Manuel Barrera Téllez

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