Advocating for the inclusion of the children is the central topic of this project that claims for the children the right to the game, to occupy city spaces, and everything signed in the articles 12 and 31 of the Convention of the Rights of the Child, matter solved by us for over half a century, not this way in many first world countries.

A score of workshops and magisterial conferences comprised the intention, including the current technological means, the traditions, and up to the attention to the health and in the room of oncology of the pediatric hospital Eduardo Agramonte Piña.

Courtesy forces me to name men of international worth like the Italian Francesco Tonucci, teacher and researcher of the Institute of Psychology of the National Council of Researches (CNR) of Rome, who from his heart and feelings leaves with his hands the FRATO lines in his 40 years with child's eyes; Dr. C José Luis Villena Higueras, who from his experience like teacher of the department of Didactics and School Organization of the University of Granada, involved in researches and European and Latin-American projects and in the Maghreb inherent in the topic, turned into the organizer promoter of the event to which there assisted approximately 150 delegates of 13 Spanish homologous institutions, of Mexico, Costa Rica and Ecuador, some of them decorated with the Special Edition of the Elegía of Nicolás Guillén and the Commemorative Square for the anniversary 45 of our University.

ParticiPando... leaves the stamp and simultaneously hope that while in the world there exist men and women dedicated to fighting for the inclusion of the children, they will be closer to the model that in Cuba, still with its imperfections, has in its essence the safety and the happiness of the childhood.

Translated by BA in English Language, Manuel Barrera Téllez

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